"There is a great deal of pain in life and perhaps the only pain that can be avoided is the pain that comes from trying to avoid pain"

R.D. Laing


Stress is unfortunately an extremely common problem in modern life. Most people will suffer from potentially dangerous or debilitating symptoms of stress, and stress related issues at some point in their lives. People are often unaware that they are suffering from stress and visit the doctor with symptoms of indigestion, muscle pain, headaches, etc. If a situation does not improve and extends over time; this can lead to panic attacks, chest pains, phobias and fears of being seriously ill. People find different events and situations more or less stressful than others; so individual responses to stress can differ. However most people would agree that there a range of events or situations that are particularly stressful to them. Events such as losing a job, divorce or having money problems, can create problems; especially when they are as a result of unplanned changes in personal circumstance.

Physical sensations of chronic stress can include:

Psychological Symptons of stress:

Under stress your behaviour can also change; here you may:

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