"To really enter the world of another......does create a very special kind of bond, that is not matched by anything else I know"

Carl Rogers

Welcome....Why choose Therapy?

Everyone faces difficulties in their lives at some time or another. These can take the form of periods of stress, sadness, grief or conflict; with self or others. Sometimes these are generated by recent life events such as bereavement or job loss, and sometimes they arise from the accumulation of (or avoidance of) feelings and problems that have occurred throughout life. These feelings can be experienced as anxiety, depression, addictive behaviours, lack of self-esteem, or difficulties with work and relationships.

Therapy helps you achieve a more reflective and objective perspective on your life. The chief benefits are a better capacity to relate to yourself and to others with whom you have personal and work based relationships.

We can all develop seemingly habitual feelings and behaviours. These can exist on an unconscious level; causing emotions, behaviours and mistaken personal beliefs to be replayed over and over. Life can seem like a cycle of damaging relationships and maladaptive behaviours, (for example, avoiding situations to reduce anxiety, the use of alcohol and other substances, or having the need to wear a ‘mask’ and hide your truer self from others). All of the above can play havoc with a person’s work, social or relationship situations.

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